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My Favorite Go To Beers

Smithwicks Ale

Style: Amber Ale

Brewer: Guinness & Son Co.

City: Dublin

Country: Ireland

Description: This beer is imported from Dublin, Ireland and has been well sought after in the US. It is dark amberish red in color with a nice thick head. Very well rounded beer with some hops and roasty malts toward the finish.

Shiner Bock

Style: Bock

Brewer: Spoetzle Brewery

City: Shiner, TX

Country: United States

Description: Smooth, malty flavor with malty aroma. Medium body and medium strength; amber in color.

Negra Modelo

Style: Vienna Lager

Brewer: Modelo Brewing

City: Mexico City

Country: Mexico

Description: This amber lager is slightly nutty, toasty and has a hint of chocolate sweetness; medium bodied and medium alcohol strength.

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